Ant Control



When the summer comes around and it starts to get hot, we like to cool down with a number of tasty treats. Oftentimes, these treats are nice and sweet, such as ice cream or fruit juice. These sticky remnants can unfortunately attract some of the most unwanted house guests: ants. While having food or sugar out and about in your house is a surefire way to attract ants, it can also be a mixed blessing. Sometimes, people have ant problems in their house and won’t know it until they see some ants around their food.

Solving the problem

Our solutions

Whatever the problem is, we’ve got you covered here at Alford Termite. We have a host of knowledgeable technicians who know exactly where and how to apply exterminating agents to make sure that you don’t have an ant problem again. This can end up saving you lots of money, as some species of ants can be very damaging to the structure of your house.

What is more, we even have certain agents available that can prevent you from getting an ant infestation. We can do this at your house for a very low cost (we’ll beat out all of our competitors!)

If you do have an ant problem, do not fret. We’ll be able to help you in no time! We have a two step process that works very well and is highly efficacious.

The first step is to contact one of our technicians to come over to your house and locate the source of the problem. This can be a longer process, but it is an essential step in eliminating ants. Once the source of the ants is identified, you can then schedule an appointment for another technician to come with the exterminating agents.

The exterminator will come on the day that you’ve selected and apply the chemicals to the problematic area. Just like that, your ant problem has disappeared. Cheers!