Hi There!

Thanks for visiting the website of Alford Termite. Here are our company, we have one goal in mind: to provide you with fast, friendly, and efficient service. We like to think about our service in a certain manner. Most of you are getting in touch with you to get rid of something unpleasant. Why would we ever want to make the eradication experience something that is also unpleasant?

Before we get into anything else, continue reading a little bit to find out more about our company…

We’ve been in the business for many years now and have become one of the cornerstone names in the business. However, we had humble beginnings. Originally, our founder, Mark, was just running a small extermination business on the side to support his poetry writing. At that time, he was doing some small time jobs but was mainly just killing spiders in the shower for his girlfriend. However, his friendliness and efficiency at work with termite control became widely recognized in the area. He kept getting more and more calls until he realized that his business was booming and that he needed to expand his staff in order to keep up with all of the calls.

Mark brought some of his other poetry friends into the business. While still doing these small time jobs, they went back to school to get more training on pest control. After finishing school, they got certified and kept doing business. The calls kept rolling in, and they’ve been working hard every day since then!